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GIVE MONTHLY and become one of our hen heroes, the lifeblood of NSW Hen Rescue who directly effect how many hens we can afford to rescue and rehabilitate.  It's so easy, simply choose how you would like to support us. You can choose to set up a direct debit from your bank or credit card, you can set up a regular Paypal donation or you can sign up to our Patreon where you will get exclusive hen rescue content. However you choose we are so grateful for our hen heroes. You truly keep us going. 
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To donate online safely, securely and instantly just click the button below to donate via Paypal. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.  

Make a Gift Donation in the name

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Bank Transfer

Don't Want to Donate Online? You can also donate by bank transfer. Our details are:

  • Account name: NSW Hen Rescue

  • Account number: 520192

  • BSB: 032-289

Please contact us if you make a bank transfer so we can say thank you.

Donate by cheque

If you would like to donate by cheque please make payable to NSW Hen Rescue and contact us for an address.

Charitable ABN: 48548965358

Charitable Fundraising Number: CFN22673

What your donation means

$20 will allow us to buy 1 straw bale to provide comfy bedding to 20 hens who have spent 18 months standing on wire.

As soon as they feel the straw on their feet the rescued hens will often start natural nesting behaviours and make happy trilling sounds. ​

$30 will allow us to buy a 20kg bag of layers mash. This is enough to feed 20 ex-battery hens for a week.

It is important for us to feed high quality layers mash as the hens are usually very low on calcium and other essential nutrients when they come out of the cage. They have also been painfully debeaked which means we need to choose a feed that is easy for them to eat.

$50 will allow us to buy worming tablets and lice treatment for 25 ex-battery hens. This is essential as the hens have often lives in squalid conditions at the egg farm.


Without these parasites the hens will be able to gain weight and have a better quality of life.

$50 will allow us to buy meloxicam pain relief for 1 hen. Hens in cages have very fragile bodies and may experience fractures and sprains. Meloxicam helps us to keep special needs hens comfortable and pain free whilst they receive further veterinary treatment.

Thank you...

Your support means we can continue our invaluable work of liberating more hens suffering in battery farms and educating people on why these birds should not be abused.

We couldn't do it without you!

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