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But I Can't Live Without Eating Eggs


by Dori Kiss


Lots of people think that chickens' eggs MUST be used in all sorts of foods and that there are

no alternatives to these foods. You can’t possibly use anything else as a binding agent other

than eggs can you? Yes, you can.


Let’s take a look at some of these foods and their alternatives – tofu, nut milks, banana,

‘No Egg’ and ‘Vegg’.


Scrambled Tofu instead of Scrambled Eggs:

You’re probably thinking ‘You must be kidding! Scrambled eggs with no eggs?’

Yes, it is possible and it’s easy. Instead of eggs, use tofu.


Here’s an easy recipe that I’m sure if you try it, you will love it:



Vegg instead of egg yolks:

Yes, there is even an alternative to egg yolks, it’s called ‘Vegg’ http://thevegg.com/ and you

can use it to make yummy French Toast. One packet of Vegg can replace 48 large eggs so it’s

more economical that buying eggs. At the moment Vegg is not available (that I know of) in

supermarkets, but can easily be ordered online-



Schnitzel Batter:

My mother, Judith Kiss, is arguably the best cook I have ever met. I used to love her schnitzels! Since I have been vegan, she has managed to veganise pretty much anything, even schnitzels! Obviously she doesn’t use vegan batter on meat for me, instead she batters and fries mushrooms and egg plant for me and yes, they are the best I have ever tasted. So instead of the usual method of coating the mushrooms etc in flour, then seasoned egg, then bread crumbs, she uses nut milk instead of eggs.


It’s simple, in place of the eggs mixed with herbs, use soy milk or any other nut milk you prefer. There’s soy, almond, rice, oat and many other plant based milks you can easily get from your local supermarket.


Pour some milk in a bowl, add your preferred amounts of salt, pepper, garlic, parsley or other herbs you are used to and mix it together. Coat the mushroom in flour, dip it in the milk mix making sure the mix covers all the mushroom, then coat the mushroom in bread crumbs. Done! Easy! Now fry them in a deep fryer and now you have a delicious alternative to both eggs and meat schnitzels.


But what about cakes and other baked goods?

I’ll let you in on a little secret…. There is this magical stuff called 'No Egg’.   

No, you don’t have to go searching for a vegan store that may be far, far away, you can

find it at your local supermarket. Yes, it’s true, even Coles sell this magical powder!

Here’s the proof-



If you can’t get your hands on ‘No Egg’ then you can bake without using eggs or

egg replacer.

Here’s a delicious chocolate cake recipe -



We even made Gingerbread Hens (yes hens) without eggs and used our new hen

shaped cookie cutters that our now available from our online store with the recipe -





Pancakes using bananas instead of eggs:

Yes, even pancakes don’t need eggs.

Here’s how - http://www.grouprecipes.com/57575/vegan-banana-pancakes.html


So basically, there are plenty of alternatives to using eggs in your cooking.

Anything, and I mean anything, can be made without eggs. All you need to do is look and you shall find an abundance of recipes.


But what about the eggs I collect from the hens that I share my home with?

Have you tried feeding the eggs back to the hens? They love it! Just crack the egg into their normal feed and they will devour it in seconds. You can crush the shell of the egg and give back to the hens to eat instead of grit.


But eggs are high in protein

They are also high in cholesterol. For years doctors have recommended that

patients with high cholesterol reduce their egg (and meat) consumption. There is

plenty of protein in plant foods like green leafy vegetable (remember Pop Eye

gobbling up his spinach for super strength?), nuts, tofu, seeds, beans and

legumes. Check out this vegan body builder and where he gets his protein-



So there you have it. You can live without eating chicken’s eggs. I’ve managed to do

it for the four years that I have been vegan and so have all my other vegan friends

and acquaintances. Vegans are not weak, skinny hippies with dread locks.

We are healthy, strong and some of us, like me, are a little bit pudgey too.


If you’re looking to cut out animal products from your diet but don’t know where to

start, try the Vegan Easy Challenge http://veganeasy.org/Food which is an initiative

that provides recipes, guides, nutritional info and mentors for anyone that wants

to try veganism.


Honestly, it is easy! If I can do it, anyone can.