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Printable Companion Chicken Log Book - A4


24 printable pages to help ensure you are providing the very best care for your feathered friends. This printable log book is a great way to record your chicken's rescue and backstory and keep up to date with their worming, lice treatment and health checks.  


Buy when you download the Companion Chicken eBook to ensure you have all the info you need to care for your chickens. 


An easy way to maintain all the important information your vet or a chicken sitter might need.


If you have multiple chickens you can either create one big binder with a divider for each chicken's health notes and observations or set up one folder for each feathered friend.


Once you own this printable PDF you can print out as many copies as you need for your chickens. You may want to print out multiple copies of the weekly observations, but you may only need the extreme weather checks occasionally. Just print out as you need. 


If we update the file we will send updates to your email for no extra cost so if you have suggestions of things to be added to the log book feel free to get in touch. 


The following resources are included in the download:


1. Cover Sheet where you enter your chicken's name

2. Welcome to Your Log Book instruction sheets explaining how to use each section of the log book. 

3. Profile - This is where you can add a photo of your feathered friend as well as noting identifying features and any ongoing medical issues they have. This is useful whilst you are getting to know your chickens and also for any chicken sitters that need to identify them. You can note their likes, dislikes and personality. 

4. Your Companion Chicken's Background and Rescue Story. Every hen we rescue at NSW Hen Rescue has her own story. Telling her story is the very least we can do to try and make others aware of what they are contributing to. Record your chicken's story here to remember what they have been through. 

5. Useful Contacts and General Health Info - Keep your contacts at your fingertips. Vets, companion animal sitters and the rescue organisation. 

6. Weekly Observations - One of the most important sheets of the pack. By completing the weekly observations checklist you will be able to track any changes in your chicken's health or happiness and be able to take action quickly. 

7. Weekly Weight Tracker - Tracking changes in body weight is a key way to track your chicken's health. This will be a great help to your vet should your chicken need treatment and will help you take action quickly. 

8. Coop/Enclosure Check -  When you clean out the coop use this checklist to look for any weak points and to ensure the coop remains predator and weather proof. 

9. Reproductive Health Check - Hens who have been exploited for egg use are  particularly prone to reproductive disease. This checklist will help you catch signs early. 

10. Happiness Check - Taken from my book, Saving Animals: A Young Activist's Guide, the happiness check is great to use upon adoption and then every couple of months. This will help you see if you are meeting your chickens' social, health and happiness needs. 

11. Worming Tracker - Keep note of when worming is due. 

12.  Lice Prevention Tracker - Lice can get out of control quickly. Use this sheet to stay on top of things. 

13. Vet Visits - Print this sheet off when you have scheduled a vet visit. You can also take the completed weight tracker and observation checks to assist the vet. 

14. Medication Log - Keep track of up to 3 medications twice a day. 

15. Implant Tracker -  For some hens a hormonal implant can be a lifesaver, but it is important to stay on top of it. Keep track of implant dates here. 

16. Extreme Weather Checklists (heat and cold) - Print out these lists when extreme weather is predicted. Use multiple times a day on extreme weather days to ensure the chickens do not suffer stress. Also very useful if you are using a chicken sitter to ensure they are on top of extreme weather stress management. 

17. Chicken Sitter Contacts - All the contacts your chicken sitter will need in one place. 

18. Chicken Sitter Notes - Complete this sheet so the chicken sitter knows your chickens' routine and can keep them happy and healthy whilst you are away. 

19. Daily Chicken Sitter Checklist - Print one of these sheets for each day you are away. This sheet will guide your chicken sitter through the basic chicken chores to ensure your chickens remain happy, healthy and safe. 


Digital download only. No physical print items will be mailed. Download will be available immediately after purchase.  Pages are not interactive or editable and are intended to be printed and filled out by hand. Printables are for personal use only. Digital download does not constitute a transfer of rights. May not be shared, resold, or used for commercial purposes



Companion Chicken Log Book -Instant Download