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Want to save animals, but not sure how? Or maybe you are already helping animals and want to do more? Saving Animals: A Young Activist’s Guide will show you just how powerful you can be.  

This full colour paperback book by the founder of NSW Hen Rescue has inspo from 24 young activists aged 6-18. Includes everyday actions you can do right now, step-by step plans to help you organise your own events and tips to help you avoid getting frazzled. There’s everything you need to get started.


About the Book

Whether you want to chalk colourful slogans, set up an animal rights squad, create animal art, talk to your family about veganism, try your hand at video outreach or maybe even rescue animals yourself, this book will  help you make a difference. 

Here are a few things to expect:

Activist stories and interviews - if they can do it, so can you!

How to directly liberate animals.

How the author started her own animal rescue organisation.

Self-care tips to avoid burnout.

How to respond when you get asked common questions like, ‘where do you get your protein,’ or ‘don’t you care about humans?’

Why and how to go vegan.

How to organise a protest or disruption.

How to get the media interested in your event.

How to find or create a supportive animal rights community.

Effective vegan outreach tips.

How to stand up for the animals in your school.

And so much more!


Buying this book  supports the continued liberation of animals from factory farms. 

If you would prefer the ebook or if you are an international supporter you  may prefer to buy the book from Amazon.com. They have both paperback and Kindle ebook available. 

Please email admin@henrescue.org to enquire about wholesale orders. 

Saving Animals: A Young Activist's Guide