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September 13, 2015


Having an excellent vet lined up for your chickens is essential. By the time hens are showing symptoms of illness the disease is usually fairly advanced and needs immediate attention. Chickens are very good at hiding their symptoms. It would help keep them safe from p...

January 9, 2015

Dori and I pulled up on the Pacific Highway by a carpark in Berowra. It was Friday night and the place was busy and lit up by shops and street lights. This was Rescue Heidi attempt 3. Heidi was an isa brown hen who had been stray in this busy car park for 2 weeks. She...

August 19, 2014



Penny was rescued from an intensive, free range egg facility. She was only a few months old,

but was already suffering terribly from her crowded living conditions. Penny and the other injured hens had been separated from the barn into a barren cage and had been...

July 26, 2014

Written by Catherine Smith


One night in January the hen rescue team were liberating hens from a filthy battery shed. I was working with Sharron as she carefully selected hens by various factors such as whether they caught her eye, how they looked, their condition and w...

May 24, 2014

We have Saved 1000 Hens!


I am very excited to tell you that NSW Hen Rescue have now saved more than 1000 hens (1003 to be precise). Even though we have limited resources, with the help of our supporters we have managed to free 1003 hens from the horror of factory farms...

May 24, 2014

Lucky I wore gumboots, the ones that almost come up to your knees, because I'm standing in stinking sludge that comes up to the rim of my boots. Oh god, the smell! I'm trying not to think about all the faeces and corpses and filthy diseases swimming around my legs. I w...

April 23, 2014

Fiona Fox has worked with NSW Hen Rescue to liberate many hens from factory farms. She dedicates every waking moment to helping animals and has even started her own farm animal sanctuary near Taree with fellow animal activists Tara Maher and Denise Tuck as well as our...

March 30, 2014

Maisie, Iva, Grace, Thelma and Louise are permanent residents at NSW Hen Rescue. They were all rescued from factory farms and stayed with us because they needed extra care or  they bonded with hens that needed extra care. As we now have limited space from which to run...

March 22, 2014

When I announced the closure of NSW Hen Rescue I was inundated with messages from supporters and I want you to know that I read and appreciated every one. It was a hard choice to make and left me feeling sad and empty. When I closed my eyes all I could see was a hen st...

March 7, 2014

UPDATE: We have found a way to keep going. Have a read through the post below if you would like to know why we thought we had to close, but then check out this post and see why we decided we have to keep going.


Dear Friends of NSW Hen Rescue,


It is with great sadness...

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