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Hen Rescue Videos

Check out a few videos of our rescued hens. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel for

This video shows the rescue of hens from a typical battery cage facility.



The slaughter people had already been through the shed and taken many of the hens to slaughter. These people are called rippers as they grab the hens' legs and literally rip them from the cages often breaking the hen's bones in the process. As you will see in this video some of the hens had been dropped and had fallen beneath the cages. They were there for days without food or water and by the time we were allowed in they were at deaths door.



You will see that one girl on the floor was very ill and when she was brought home she stood in the water and drank and drank and drank. We named her Nahla, which means drink of water.

Rescued battery hens take their first steps into the sunshine. In all our hen rescues we have never seen hens as panicked and traumatised as these girls. They screamed at human touch and were panicking all the way home.


It was such a relief to see them begin to relax in their new surroundings.

These hens were scheduled for slaughter, but have been rescued by NSW Hen Rescue. This is their first time ever outside of the cage. 

4 beautiful ducklings rescued from a factory farm and certain death enjoy their first ever swim under close supervision from their foster Dad Charlie the dog and Billy Bunny.

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