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Did you know that NSW Hen Rescue is volunteer run?

Nearly all of the hens that have been rescued and rehabilitated so far have been cared for in our rented back garden. As you can imagine this limited space means we cannot rescue as many girls as we would like. We are now looking for foster carers and volunteers to help us save more girls from suffering. 

Foster Carers

Being a foster carer for NSW Hen Rescue means you will work closely with the rescue team. It requires time, effort and genuine compassion and care. Being a foster carer will also provide you with the incredible reward of knowing you have saved the lives of the hens in your care. Without you they would either be slaughtered or still stuck in a cage or intensive farm.

As a foster carer you will provide the feed (layers mash), water and petrol for transport at your expense. If this is an issue for you please do let us know before completing the form. We may be able to work something out if you can meet the other requirements. Vet bills will be reimbursed. You can always get in touch should you have any problems with the girls.

What you need:
1. To respect NSW Hen Rescue's vegan philosophy 

2. To have (or be willing to get) a predator proof chicken coop, shed or enclosure for night time. In some cases we may be able to get a donated coop for you to use whilst fostering. 

3. A fenced garden or large enclosure for the hens to roam in during the day. 

4. To work closely with the rescue team so that the hens could be collected from a location immediately after rescue. 
5. Foster carers can be located anywhere, but need transport to take hens to vet if needed and may need to collect hens from Putney (we may be able to find a transport volunteer to help with this). 

6. Pet carriers to safely transport hens. 
7. Ability to arrange rehoming time with approved adopters. 

8. To be an excellent communicator and keep us up to date on how the hens are doing and if there are any health problems. 

9. Kindness and patience for the chickens. 

10. You do not need to take in high needs chickens, but if you feel comfortable doing so please let us know on the foster application form (eg hens who are injured or require nursing). 

11. Ability to buy suggested feed and basic equipment such as water and food bowl. 

12. Foster carers must not rehome the hens themselves. All adoption applications must go through Hen Rescue to ensure that the hens go to suitable and loving homes. If you know someone who may like to adopt you can ask them to complete an adoption application form through the website.


What you don't need:

1. Experience with chickens. It's helpful to have cared for hens before but if you haven't we can help you learn what to do.

2. Money for vet bills - we cover that. 


Still want to foster? Please complete our foster application form here:




Would you like to volunteer for NSW Hen Rescue? If you can't foster at the moment there is still loads you can do to help. 

  • Transport - We always need people to transport hens to the vets or to their foster homes or adoptive homes. If you have pet carriers, a car, a license and are happy to help with hen transport we would be grateful. 

  • Communications - could you help us call and vet new permanent homes by phone? Could you then follow up by email? We would provide training on how to do this, but it does require confidence on the phone. This volunteer position requires you to be vegan as it is important to convey to adopters that hens are adopted out as companions not for eggs. 

  • Social Media - Are you a social media whizz who is a dab hand at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? We would love to hear from you. This volunteer position requires you to be vegan as it is important to convey to supporters that hens are adopted out as companions not for eggs.

If you can help by volunteering please contact us including your name, age, contact phone number, location, whether you are vegan or vegetarian and why you would like to be volunteer with Hen Rescue. Please also include any relevant training or experience. We look forward to hearing from you!


If you cannot volunteer at the moment but still want to help please consider becoming a Hen Hero. Regular donors who donate an amount weekly or monthly help us decide how many hens we can afford to rescue and provide vet care for and how many foster carers we can work with. 

Vet bills are our biggest expense and we need to ensure we have enough funds before we take in hens that may need treatment. Our Hen Heros keep the Hen Rescue going and are responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of hens and other animals. 

Check out our donation options by clicking here.