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We Are Taking a Break

As many of you already know NSW Hen Rescue is run out of a rented house and back garden. Our facilities are very basic, but most hens only stay a short time before heading off to their new homes. There are usually a couple of hens out of each rescue that need a bit of extra love and care, including veterinary treatment. Recently we have had more ill hens than usual. They have come out of the cages or free range facility in a terrible state and that has meant we have been looking after the girls here whilst they recuperate.

Luckily thanks to Bec and Laura Ferguson we have been able to pay for the vet bills. These ladies organised a stall, a raffle as well as Yoga for a Cause and they even made the girls little winter coats to keep them warm as the nights get colder, which are coming in very handy for the recovering hens.

Despite this fantastic support there has been a strain on funds and if we were to experience the same rate of illness in future rescues I am not sure we could afford it. This is not the only reason we need to take a break. The heavy rain and little, scratching chicken feet has taken their toll on the garden and we need to give the grass time to recover. The last thing we want is for the hens to catch coccidiosis from having to stand in the mud. If we ever get to the stage of having the hens on acres we will be able to rotate the girls around different areas, but at the moment we don’t have that option, so need to give the grass a chance to dry out.

Rest assured we are not giving up on the hens, but we need to be realistic about what our house, garden, neighbours and landlord can put up with. I also need to be realistic about what my mental health can put up with. However, I am not giving up and I am not giving in to the daily criticism of what we do. Whilst Hen Rescue may not change the world, I believe it makes a huge difference for the rescued hens. We have been rescuing and rehoming every week for months which has resulted in hundreds of hens out of cages.

The Facebook page:
http://facebook.com/nswhenrescue will remain active during this time so that past hen adopters can share their experience and contact us for support.

We will still take back any hens that people have adopted and can no longer keep. All you need to do is
contact us. 

I will update this site as soon as things are back on track. We have one more rescue this weekend and then that will be it for a little while.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

Catherine x