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We're Back!

 After a much needed break for both the garden and myself I am pleased to tell you that NSW Hen Rescue is back in action. We have a rescue planned for later this week and I can't wait to start getting hens out of cages and give them a second chance at life. It is horrible to think of the girls that we are going to rescue in the cages right now, experiencing what can only be described as hell. If only they knew what we have in store for them.


Over the last 6 weeks we have been busy making improvements to the rescue. Last week we had a working bee in which we created a new enclosure for the hens. We still have plans to create 2 more enclosures so that the girls can be rotated around the garden ensuring that no one area gets completley worn out.

I have started a new temp job which will enable me to pay for feed and bedding. However, any donations will be gratefully accepted as we are saving up for more chicken wire, star pickets and at least 2 more chicken coops, as well as the ever present vet bills. We have been scouring Gumtree and eBay for any bargain coop or materials, but if anyone reading this has any supplies they can spare we would be ever so grateful. If you could contact us we will try to arrange collection.


One of the hardest things about rescuing these hens is having to leave so many behind. There are millions of hens in cages and packed barns as I type this and all we can do is rescue one hen at a time, trying to make a difference where we can. In the future we plan to acquire land so that we can expand our rescue efforts, but for now we continue on a small scale, knowing that the rescued hens lives will be changed forever. Part of our job is to advocate a kind, vegan lifestyle as this is where real change can be made.

As always our supporters mean the world to us and without you we would not be able to continue saving these girls from slaughter.


If you would like to help us get back on our feet there are several ways you can help:


1. Make a donation. No matter how small it will make a different to the hens.


2. Donate supplies. Contact us if you can donate any materials such as unwanted coops, pet carriers, chicken wire, feed, straw etc.


3. Apply to adopt some hens.


Thank you for your support,


Catherine x

We also have a new website and logo, which we feel represents NSW Hen Rescue far better than our old, basic blog. We have big plans for the rescue and want to speak up for hens louder than ever before and the website needed to represent that. Watch this space as we will soon be opening an online store.


We are excited to tell you we are having a stall at this year's Cruelty Free Festival in November which has been generously donated to us by Pet Blessings.We hope to reach new supporters at the festival and educate people about how wonderful chickens are.


So although we are still a small rescue organisation run out of my back yard I feel we are on our way to saving more hens than ever before. All it takes is hard work, determination and your support.