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NSW Hen Rescue is entirely volunteer run, by a dedicated group of vegan volunteers. There is always loads of work to do at NSW Hen Rescue and loads of ways to help! 

We are looking for reliable, hard working volunteers to join our dedicated team who help us with every activity from fundraising to transport. 

Keep an eye on this page as we will be posting new volunteer positions soon!

Voluntary Adoption Coordinator


Could you be our new adoption coordinator?


The adoption coordinator is a very important member of the NSW Hen Rescue volunteer team. At the hen rescue we are not about moving as many hens as possible to new homes, instead we promise every animal they will be safe for life once they come to us. That means that the home vetting process is very important to us and the animals. We aim to set a standard to show that chickens are not disposable. They have their own personalities. They deserve names, vet care, predator protection and protection from extreme weather. They deserve love and respect and the adopters we choose feel the same way. 

Main duties:

  • Working with the founder, Catherine, to improve current adoption application and rehoming processes

  • Monitoring adoption application forms, requesting and assessing photographs of enclosures

  • Answering emails regarding adoptions and fostering

  • Calling potential adopters or delegating to rehoming volunteers

  • Working with Catherine to train new rehoming volunteers (occasional weekend training session)

  • Accepting or rejecting adoption applications by phone or email

  • Always ensuring the animals are put first (including applicant’s existing animals)

  • Liaising with foster carers to check up on health of animals in care

  • Working out logistics of rehoming with foster carers, transport volunteers and adopters

  • Working in cooperation with our social media manager volunteer and foster carers to share the stories of rescued animals e.g. requesting photos and names of hens from foster carers.  

  • Preparing and updating adoption paperwork or delegating to volunteers



  • Previous experience in caring for companion chickens - or willingness to learn

  • Dedication to animal rights. Personal commitment to the goals and values of NSW Hen Rescue.

  • Confident communication abilities via phone as well as excellent writing skills

  • Experience using Google sheets/docs or willingness to learn

  • Willingness to deal with some difficult conversations with a positive attitude.

  • Ability to tell people no in a polite but assertive way. Conflict resolution. 

  • Ability to delegate, supervise and support other volunteers and deliver constructive feedback where required.

  • Strong attention to detail when assessing adoption applications

  • Due to working remotely excellent time management and self organisation skills required

  • Ability to travel to Hornsby NSW for training

  • Collaborative personality with great interpersonal skills


What we offer:

  • A fun and friendly volunteer team who all share the common goal of achieving animal liberation

  • A safe and supportive environment where you will be listened to and greatly valued

  • Unlimited access to gorgeous animals at NSW Hen Rescue HQ 

  • Build your experience in animal rights and add some important skills and a great reference to your resume

  • Directly influence how many hens we can liberate 



Please send your application to Catherine at admin@henrescue.org

We can’t wait to hear from you!